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BA in Performing Arts

The only Performing Arts B.A (Hons) in Lisbon!




The performing arts degree aims to train actors capable of, from a specifically theatrical point of view, dialogue with other areas of intrinsic to artistic creation and production performing arts transforming the scope of artistic education in Lisbon and in Portugal.

This degree is an innovative alternative to the existing education framework because it dares to present a curricular structure with units that do not make up the traditional base of the of the performing arts teaching, as Contemporary Composition and Performance and Contemporaneity, New Technologies, Physical Theater, Theatre and Dance, Theater Masks, Rhythm and Acoustic Space, Contemporary Dance, among other units, which will make this course a reference in the field of creation and that will be an important contribution to the emergence of a new generation of performers, actors, directors, designers and choreographers.


. To assign the ability to intervene technically and creatively in artistic theatrical design;
. To devise and to carry out their own work and to know answering creatively and actively to professional opportunities in the field of performing arts;
. To transmit knowledge about the appropriate rehearsal and production procedures to the creation and realization of the show and its experimentation of the public construction and presentation.

Career opportunities

Actor/Performer, choreographer, artistic director, theatre director, show producer, performing arts programmer, designer, choreographer

Studies plan

In its set, course units of the performing arts degree curriculum prepare the student to this knowledge area in a way that she/he, at the end of the three years course, will feel confident about knowledge; Knowing to know, knowing to think and knowing to act.


Master David Silva

Access conditions

In the academic year of 2018/2019, the applications should be done according to the school calendar. There are four phases:
1st phase: Until 24th July 2018;
2nd phase: from 25h July to 24th August 2018;
3rd phase: From 27th August to 14th September 2018;
4th phase: From 17th to 28th September 2018.

The tests of admission to the Communication Design degree correspond to the following secondary education exams:
_ Portuguese (239-639)
_ English (550)
_ Arts and Culture History (724)

In the academic year of 2018/2019, the registration should be done according to the school calendar. There are four phases:
1st phase: From 25th July to 24th August 2018;
2nd phase: from 27th August to 14th September 2018;
3rd phase and 4th phase: From 17th to 19th October 2018.

For institutional access and entry contest the following documents are required:
_ Application form;
_ Photocopy of the entry form of ENES (High School National Exams) admission;
_ 10th, 11th and 12th years Certificate of school year;
_ Photocopy of ID card;
_ Three passport-size photographs;
_ Medical certificate proving absence of infectious diseases.

Tuition fee:
Monthly _ € 350 (2 x € 175 (September 2018 and August 2019) + 10 x € 350)

Application _ € 160.00 (in the first phase: until 24th July) or € 180.00 (in the second phase: July 26th to August 25th, in the third stage: from 29th August to 12th September, and fourth phase: From 14th to 29th September)

Registration _ € 320.00 (in the first phase: until 27th August) or € 350.00 (in the second phase: from 28th August to 13rd September, the third phase: from 14th to 29th September, and fourth phase: from 2nd October)