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BA (Hons) in Communication Design

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The degree in Communication Design is a privileged space of acquisition of skills in professional practice areas of typographic design, editorial design, brand design, packaging design, advertising design and campaign and also digital design that includes webdesign, interactive design and multimedia.

In ESTAL, the project-oriented learning is based on a workshop type with the development of projects like teaching method aiming a real approach to the problem in design of visual communication design in its formal and semantic functional requirements. The acquisition of scientific knowledge, as well as the practice of project , are strongly related to specific situations of organizations and companies, in the communicational universe, that students have to respond.

For the entry of its graduates in the professional market of Design services, this course focus on satisfaction of projected needs of organizations and companies, giving to its graduates skills in order to make them to feel confident in their area of knowledge, from the printed to the digital universe, based on a strategic vision, conceptual, methodological, production and effectiveness of communication object.


. To give to a profile of visual communication designer its proper skills, able to effectively respond to the projected needs in the different areas of communication design targeted to communication in contemporary society;
. To deepen conceptual, strategic and technical knowledge oriented to creative and original applications in the universe of visual communication;
. To develop reflective skills, strategical and methodological ones in creating visual argument on its formal, semantic and functional dimension.
. To narrow an approach to professional practice in present work context.

Career opportunities

Visual communication designer, in the areas of typographic design, editorial design, brand design, packaging design, advertising design, schematic design, webdesign, interactive design and multimedia design; graphic producer; image consultant; design manager and illustrator.

Studies plan

Course units of the design and project scientific area of this course include all areas of visual communication design from the printed design to digital one, it means, the areas of typographic design, editorial design, schematic design (graphics and signage), brand design, packaging design, advertising design (campaign; products, services and events) and the areas of digital design like webdesign, multimedia and interactive design.

In addition to projected skills, curricular units of the scientific area of technology and communication, enable our students with current tools suitable for active technical, methodological and participatory knowledge.

Course units belonging to the scientific areas of history, culture and society and also management and organization establish additional consistent structures for the development of comprehensive specialized knowledge and has a practical interest assigned to the contents of visual communication design, in particular, the artistic, historical and organisational culture and the development of logical thinking that is a reflexive knowledge with emancipatory interest. Similarly, the scientific area of curricular units of visual communication set out the theoretical starting points because they focus on the fundamental and structural elements of design alphabet by structuring its formal dimension, which expresses the visual language.

In its set, the course units of the communication design degree curriculum of the said degree prepare the student in its area of knowledge in a way that he/she will be confident about knowlegde; knowing to know, knowing to think and knowing to act.


Designer Fabiana Costa

Access conditions

In the academic year of 2018/2019, the applications should be done according to the school calendar. There are four phases:
1st phase: Until 24th July 2018;
2nd phase: from 25h July to 24th August 2018;
3rd phase: From 27th August to 14th September 2018;
4th phase: From 17th to 28th September 2018.

The tests of admission to the Communication Design degree correspond to the following secondary education exams:
_ Drawing (706)
_ Descriptive Geometry (708)
_ Arts and Culture History (724)

In the academic year of 2017/2018, the registration should be done according to the school calendar. There are four phases:
1st phase: From 25th July to 24th August 2018;
2nd phase: from 27th August to 14th September 2018;
3rd phase and 4th phase: From 17th to 19th October 2018.

For institutional access and entry contest the following documents are required:
_ Application form;
_ Photocopy of the entry form of ENES (High School National Exams) admission;
_ 10th, 11th and 12th years Certificate of school year;
_ Photocopy of ID card;
_ Three passport-size photographs;
_ Medical certificate proving absence of infectious diseases.

Tuition fee:
Monthly _ € 330 (2 x € 165 (September 2018 and August 2019) + 10 x € 330)

Application _ € 160.00 (in the first phase: until 24th July) or € 180.00 (in the second phase: July 26th to August 25th, in the third stage: from 29th August to 12th September, and fourth phase: From 14th to 29th September)

Registration _ € 320.00 (in the first phase: until 27th August) or €350.00 (in the second phase: from 28th August to 13rd September, the third phase: from 14th to 29th September, and fourth phase: from 2nd October)